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<strong>Connecting You With Your Goals</strong>

Connecting You With Your Goals

Our services are designed to help you dream bigger and capitalize on your achievements in life. Clients come to us from a variety of backgrounds, each with their own unique circumstances, resources, and goals in life. We’re committed to serving each with the same level of diligence, passion, and expertise. Our process is designed to meet you where you are at. Our services are designed to bring security and freedom to your short and long-term goals.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Income strategies are our specialty at Melissa Levine & Co. This is the stage where you transition from saving and building your nest egg to withdrawing on it to maintain your lifestyle. It can feel like an abrupt change for some, but we're here to help. This is why we believe so strongly in the life stage approach. We've helped hundreds of clients rest easy knowing they're prepared. We'll show you how to maintain a nest egg so it can maintain you throughout your retirement years.

Wealth Accumulation, Preservation, & Asset Allocation

Wealth Management is all about preserving and growing your wealth. Through regular review meetings, we'll ensure you're on track and working towards goals. We'll make sure your portfolio stays up-to-date according to your changing needs. Effective wealth management requires ongoing due diligence and monitoring. We believe strongly that stability and risk mitigation are key to any wealth management strategy. Wealth management clients can expect tailored plans, organized paperwork and processes, retirement asset advice, access to and evaluation of alternatives, cutting-edge tools for visibility and management, frequent reviews of statements, portfolio assets, and more.
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Financial Planning

Financial Planning includes considerations for everything including college and other life events including income planning, estate planning, and cash flow analysis. It's a holistic service designed to give you confidence for the long-term, and clarity for the present. You'll get education in basic financial literacy and a road map that's specific for your circumstances. It's a great way to facilitate comprehensive preparedness for all life throws your way.

College Funding

It's no secret college tuition is constantly on the rise. But sending your young ones off shouldn't be a time consumed with worry about how you'll pay. There are a variety of ways to plan for that event and Melissa Levine & Co. can help you chart a course. Whether it's college investment plans including 529s or custodian accounts you're in good hands with our education planning services. We'll present you with a variety of options so when the time comes, you can embrace it as the exciting new chapter it is.

Personal Insurance

Preparation for the unexpected can be difficult. But a comprehensive plan is always a weight off your shoulders. Through this process we'll identify risks that could hurt your financial situation. We'll then assemble a plan with you to help protect you and your love ones from the negative impacts unforeseen circumstances could have. We discuss a variety of insurance coverage including disability, life, and long-term care. It's a difficult subject to talk through, but you and your family will rest easy knowing there's a plan in place.

About ML & Co.

We pursue strong relationships with our clients so we can customize strategies and plans with a personal touch. Our clients imagine a big future, and we help them reach it.

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You deserve a life of financial freedom. We work diligently to understand your values and focus on your objectives. Your plan is specific to you and where you want to be.

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